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Join us for a TTX: Securing OSS & Empowering Maintainers

By April 10, 2024Blog

At SOSS Community Day NA on April 15, 2024 the OpenSSF Community will conduct a Tabletop Exercise (TTX). Periodically walking through various scenarios of a supply chain attack in a time of calm helps identify action items that are important to prepare in advance for when real attacks occur. A TTX is an important planning tool to help open source software (OSS) maintainers and consumers respond more efficiently and with less stress to vulnerabilities. A TTX can also identify security gaps in current capabilities that could lead to improvements across the community. The OpenSSF Vulnerability Disclosures Working Group has curated a TTX planning tool maintainers can leverage in their own planning. Join us for the live TTX during SOSS Community Day NA from 3:30 to 5:00 PM PT.

TTX Overview

The TTX will simulate a realistic cybersecurity incident response during an interactive session with panelists who have various roles such as OSS maintainers, maintainer advocates, source repository/package registry owners, and OSS consumers like Security Operations Center/Security Incident Response Team (SOC/SIRT), business application teams, central technology team. The event will walk the audience through how the supply chain attack is discovered, triaged, and remediated. TTX panelists will bring their expertise from various sectors to the exercise to include those with a foundation perspective like the Python Software Foundation, RUST Foundation, and OpenSSF as well as source control management, defense, semiconductor, finance/banking, networking & telecommunication, cloud service providers, and security startups.

Goals of the TTX

Throughout the course of the event, the audience will learn how such an attack unfolds and identify the types of actions  they can take to prepare, defend or respond to these threats. Goals of the TTX include:

  1. Provide a TTX template/formula for maintainers, contributors, and open source consumers to adopt and customize to start running their own TTX and improve their incident response and overall security posture. 
  2. Provide supply chain security incident response developer education 
  3. Demonstrate how current open source security capabilities may be helpful to prepare for or during a security incident
  4. Determine opportunities to enhance existing supply chain security processes and technologies or develop new ones to support incident response.

Community Engagement

A TTX is most successful with active engagement. In addition to hosting the TTX, we will publish TTX materials to GitHub.  We invite the community to contribute to the development of the TTX template by participating in the TTX and also providing feedback on the TTX artifacts. This is an opportunity to contribute to creating a more secure open source software ecosystem. Register now to join the conversation, and we look forward to seeing you in person at the OpenSSF TTX event! The session will also be recorded and published for public access as part of all the talks at the SOSS Community Day.