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We are excited to launch a series of virtual tech talks to take a deep dive into some of the key initiatives to secure open source software at the OpenSSF.

Proactive Supply Chain Security with GUAC

In this Tech Talk, you will meet the GUAC maintainers as they cover the project and its recent release, roadmap plans, and how you can contribute. Cybersecurity threats are constantly and quickly changing, but GUAC can help you stay ahead.

Building a Stronger Open Source Ecosystem: OpenSSF Scorecard

Discover the essence of the OpenSSF Scorecard and its pivotal role in fortifying the open source landscape. Gain invaluable insights from organizations at the forefront of implementing Scorecard as they share their experiences and best practices.

Securing the Software Supply Chain: An In-Depth Exploration of SLSA

Delve into the exciting world of SLSA and its transformative impact on software supply chain security.