Jennifer Fernick

NCC Group

Jennifer Fernick is a computer scientist and the SVP & Global Head of Research at NCC Group, a major information assurance firm, and is a founding Governing Board member of the Open Source Security Foundation. Most recently, she was Director, Information Security at a large global financial institution, after a tenure as their Senior Cryptographic Security Architect.

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Luke Hinds

Red Hat

Luke Hinds works within the Emerging Technologies group in Red Hat's CTO office, where he leads a team working on open source security. He has held numerous community roles, such as the Kubernetes Security Team and as an elected Project Team Lead for the OpenStack Security Group.

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Rao Lakkakula

JPMorgan Chase

Rao Lakkakula is an Executive Director leading Application and Mobile Security Engineering groups at JPMorgan Chase. His teams focus on enabling developers to securely build their applications. Rao has 20 years of expertise in a unique combination of security, software development, and services experience with roles spanning from strategy, engineering, risk management, and business intelligence in global Fortune 500 companies.

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Ryan Haning (TAC Chair)


Ryan Haning is a 20+ year technology software industry veteran. He first began working with open source in 2003 while leading the development team for a cross-platform video security management app. He has worked on numerous V1 initiatives and startups, developed applications, operating systems and cloud services and is always an outspoken advocate for open source. Most recently he was responsible for a company-wide initiative to build the infrastructure to support Privacy controls and GDPR. Ryan currently works at Microsoft on improving the security of Open Source Software. 

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