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Arnaud Le Hors

OpenSSF TAC Vice Chair & Senior Technical Staff Member - Open Technologies, IBM

Arnaud Le Hors is Senior Technical Staff Member of Open Technologies at IBM, working on a range of technologies with a primary focus on Open Source supply chain security. Arnaud has been working on standards and open source for over 30 years, both as a staff member of the X Consortium and W3C, and as a representative for IBM.

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Bob Callaway

Tech Lead & Manager, Google Open Source Security Team

Bob is the tech lead & manager of the supply chain integrity group in Google's Open Source Security Team. He and his team directly contribute to critical OSS secure software supply chain projects (including sigstore that he co-founded), as well as help drive adoption of best practices throughout the broader open source ecosystem.

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Christopher “CRob” Robinson

OpenSSF TAC Chair & Director of Security Communications, Intel

Christopher Robinson (aka CRob) is the Director of Security Communications at Intel Product Assurance and Security. With 25 years of Enterprise-class engineering, architectural, operational and leadership experience, Chris has worked at several Fortune 500 companies with experience in the Financial, Medical, Legal, and Manufacturing verticals, and spent 6 years helping lead the Red Hat Product Security team as their Program Architect.

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Dan Appelquist

Open Source Strategist, Samsung

Dan Appelquist is an Open Source Strategist for Samsung's Open Source Group. He is an advocate for open source & open standards and has been an active contributor to the OpenSSF since 2022. He also co-chairs the World Wide Web Consortium’s Technical Architecture Group (one of the W3C’s two elected leadership groups). Previously, Dan has led web developer advocacy at Samsung Internet as well as open source and open standards initiatives at Snyk, Telefónica, Vodafone,

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Jautau “Jay” White

Open Source Software and Supply Chain Security Strategy, Microsoft

Jautau “Jay” White is a seasoned Information Security executive with over 15 years of leadership experience. He excels in building world-class teams and developing high-impact programs that effectively reduce compliance risks and strengthen Information Security and Cybersecurity measures. Jay is known for his people-centric approach, often evangelizing Information Security as a vital business function. This approach has been instrumental in gaining buy-in and influencing adoption at all organizational levels.

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Marcela Melara

Research Scientist, Intel Labs

Dr. Marcela Melara is a Research Scientist in the Security and Privacy group at Intel Labs. Her research focuses on solutions for trustworthy distributed systems, and she leads a number of internal, academic and open-source efforts on software supply chain security. Marcela’s work appears in various publications, conferences and patents, and has been adopted in several open-source and commercial software products.

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Michael Lieberman

Co-Founder & CTO, Kusari

Michael Lieberman is co-founder and CTO of Kusari. His passion is in applying his expertise to use cases where privacy and security are paramount. Mostly recently he has been focused on work within the software supply chain security space. He is also highly committed to open-source, having co-created projects like GUAC and FRSCA, along with having co-lead white papers like the CNCF’s Secure Software Factory Reference Architecture.

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Sarah Evans

Security Research Technologist, Dell Technologies

Sarah Evans is a dynamic and inspiring figure in the field of cybersecurity with the aim of advancing Open Source Software (OSS) security. At Dell, Sarah has been instrumental in cybersecurity innovation, conducting research within the global CTO R&D organization. Her career spans pivotal roles, including being an enterprise security architect and engaging in Identity and Access Management and IT at prestigious organizations like Wells Fargo and the U.S. Air Force.

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Zach Steindler

Principal Engineer, GitHub

Zach first got involved in securing open source at Python Packaging sprints, and more recently helped release npm's package provenance using Sigstore. He works at GitHub as a Principal Engineer and is looking forward to continually improving the security of open source software.

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