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The OpenSSF is a cross-industry collaboration that brings together leaders to improve the security of open source software (OSS) by building an expert community, targeted initiatives, and best practices.

OpenSSF serves as the cross-industry focal point for securing investment and resources to improve open source software supply chain security for all. Join your industry peers in helping build and shape the open source security ecosystem.

Why join?

Organizations join OpenSSF because they want to take an active role in supporting the growth and evolution of the open source security:

  • Network with other members of OpenSSF
  • Support the community by helping fund services that OpenSSF-hosted projects rely on
  • Demonstrate thought leadership in open source security
  • Raise awareness of OpenSSF projects and working groups so they can quickly reach critical mass
  • Be part of defining and maintaining technologies, standards, and research at the forefront of the industry

OpenSSF members receive the opportunity to participate in unique, wide-reaching community, networking and marketing programs. These programs provide a trusted, neutral view of projects and working groups supporting real value to customers. Differentiate and be recognized as a leader in open source security.

Membership Tiers


  • Hold one (1) guaranteed seat on the OpenSSF Governing Board + one alternate (1) representative.
  • Appoint one (1) voting representative in any subcommittees or activities of the OpenSSF Governing Board.
  • Receive greater insight into OpenSSF strategy and projects through engagement with the OpenSSF leadership team. Premier level members have the unique opportunity to customize their experience with OpenSSF. The team will make themselves available to help achieve your strategic goals. OpenSSF can help with guidance in open source contributions, new market creation, and/or open source project donation. Have ideas? Just ask!
  • Enjoy most prominent placement in displays of membership including website, landscape and marketing materials.
  • Create an individualized press release upon membership announcement with the PR team.
  • Opportunity to host security training course, Developing Secure Software (LFD121), on member’s Learning Management System (LMS) for unlimited, complimentary access for employees.
  • 50-seat, annual subscription granting access to our library of eLearning courses and certification exams. Each seat gets access to up to two certification exams per year along with unlimited learning. (Benefit requires a signed MSA for training)


  • Participate in elections between only other General members to appoint one (1) representative to the OpenSSF Governing Board. Three (3) total General representatives will be elected to represent all General members. Voice your opinions amongst the leaders in the industry and help determine the strategic direction of OpenSSF. 
  • Receive greater insight into OpenSSF strategy and project roadmaps through increased engagement with the OpenSSF General Manager and staff. 
  • Create an announcement upon membership announcement with the OpenSSF PR team.
  • Participate in Marketing, Community, Thought Leadership opportunities.
  • Opportunity to host “OpenSSF Day”, including on-demand webinars and livestream.
  • Receive discounts on OpenSSF event sponsorships.
  • Demonstrate your support for OpenSSF by displaying your logo on the OpenSSF website, landscape  and in marketing materials.


  • Participate in Marketing, Community, and Thought Leadership opportunities.
  • Identify your organization as a member and display your logo on the OpenSSF website, landscape and in marketing materials.
  • Feature your organization in the quarterly new members announcement.
  • Visibility into and within the ecosystem.
  • Practical experience working with open source foundations.
  • Internships opportunities with commercial members.
  • Collaboration opportunities.
  • Publication opportunities based on R&D conducted with projects.
  • Open source working experience for all participants.
  • Access to OpenSSF events.

Special Initiative Funding

  • Donating to OpenSSF projects should be uncomplicated and transparent.
  • Directed and Crowdfunding makes it easy for individuals and organizations to donate, providing a neutral and trusted platform managed by the Linux Foundation to meet the unique fundraising needs for OpenSSF initiatives.
  • Ensures fundraising efforts will not get lost on general-purpose activities.
  • Provides clear oversight and transparency into how funds are spent.
  • Directs 100% of the funds to the project, with no hidden fees.

Membership Pricing

Membership Tier New to LF Existing LF Member
Premier $270,000 $250,000
General See Fee Scale See Fee Scale
Associate / Academic / Non-Profit Free Free
Consolidated Employees New to LF Existing LF Member
5,000+ $40,000 $20,000
500 - 4,999 $30,000 $15,000
100 - 499 $20,000 $10,000
< 100 $10,000 $5,000