Thank you for your interest in getting involved in the Open Source Security Foundation!

All are welcome to participate:


The OpenSSF community is open to everyone. We are organized into technical and governing activities.  To receive general announcements about OpenSSF initiatives, events, etc. please sign up for our announcements mailing list by clicking here.

Technical working groups plan, design, and deliver specific technical initiatives. Individuals are welcome to participate.

The Technical Advisory Council structures and facilitates collaboration across technical initiatives. Technical Advisory Council (TAC) discussions are open to the public.  See the OpenSSF Public Calendar for details about the next TAC meeting.

The OpenSSF governing board manages the overall organization including planning, funding, priorities, communication, and metrics for success. The Planning Committee is a branch of the Governing Board. It meets weekly to track and manage organization-wide milestones. Individuals are welcome to participate.

Organizations: Become a Corporate Member

Organizations can also join the OpenSSF as
members. Membership allows organizations to showcase support for open source security and for the development and adoption of OpenSSF initiatives.  If you are interested in joining as a corporate or organizational member, please review the documents and then complete e-signing here.