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Amanda Martin

Director of Program Management

Dr. Amanda Martin is a Director of Program Management for OpenSSF. Amanda has taught and managed technical projects since 2005 with the single desire to improve the entire world.

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Brian Behlendorf

Chief Technology Officer

Brian is CTO of the OpenSSF and has dedicated his career to connecting and empowering the Free Software and Open Source community to solve hard technology problems and have a positive societal impact.

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David A. Wheeler

Director of Open Source Supply Chain Security

Dr. David A. Wheeler is an expert on developing secure software and on open source software (OSS) development and is the Director of Open Source Supply Chain Security at the Linux Foundation.

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Donald Liu

Regional Tech Evangelist, Asia Pacific

Donald Liu is a Regional Tech Evangelist, for OpenSSF in the Asia Pacific region, helping companies and members to take part in the OpenSSF, The Linux Foundation, and the bigger open source community.

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Jennifer Bly

Senior Marketing & Communications Manager

Jennifer Bly leads marketing and communications for the OpenSSF by developing and executing strategies that encompass integrated campaigns with an emphasis on marketing, PR, comms, social media engagement, and brand storytelling.

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Jonathan Leitschuh

Senior Software Security Researcher

Jonathan Leitschuh is a Senior Software Security Researcher currently working for the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF). He is responsible for thousands of automatically generated pull requests, fixing vulnerabilities across OSS.

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Julian Gordon

VP Asia Pacific

Julian Gordon is Vice President Asia Pacific for the OpenSSF, developing, supporting and empowering the open source community across the region and helping them connect with the OpenSSF ecosystem globally.

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Khahil White

Program Manager

Khahil White serves OpenSSF by executing special programs and projects that serve our communities and is especially critical to project events, promotions, and other dev-community facing benefits.

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Michelle Martineau

Program Manager

Michelle Martineau is the Program Manager for Alpha-Omega, an OpenSSF project, leading core business operations and grantee relations. Michelle brings over 8 years of experience in project optimization and program strategy with a focus on process improvement and building teams.

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Omkhar Arasaratnam

General Manager

Omkhar Arasaratnam is the General Manager of the Open Source Software Foundation (OpenSSF). He is an experienced cybersecurity and technical risk management executive with over 20 years of experience leading global cybersecurity projects.

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Randi Armour

Membership Solutions

Randi leads the membership solutions for OpenSSF, connecting with organizations to share the benefits of formally joining the ecosystem of industry experts working together to secure the OS supply chain.

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Yang Hin

Director, China at Linux Foundation Asia Pacific

Yang Hin is Director, China at Linux Foundation Asia Pacific

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Yesenia Yser

Senior Software Security Engineer

Yesenia is a Senior Software Security Engineer for the Alpha-Omega OpenSSF project. She has dedicated her career to being a servant leader to the software engineer and cybersecurity realm and a cyber big sister.

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