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Arun Gupta

OpenSSF Board Chair & Vice President and General Manager, Open Ecosystem Initiatives, Intel Corporation

Arun Gupta is vice president and general manager of Open Ecosystem Initiatives at Intel Corporation. He is an open source strategist, advocate, and practitioner for nearly two decades. He has taken companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Sun Microsystems through systemic changes to embrace open source principles, contribute and collaborate effectively.

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Brian Fox

CTO, Sonatype

Brian is Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Sonatype. He has extensive open source experience as a member of the Apache Software Foundation and former Chair of the Apache Maven project. Brian was a direct contributor to the Maven ecosystem, including the maven-dependency-plugin and maven-enforcer-plugin.

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Christopher “CRob” Robinson

OpenSSF TAC Chair & Director of Security Communications, Intel

Christopher Robinson (aka CRob) is the Director of Security Communications at Intel Product Assurance and Security. With 25 years of Enterprise-class engineering, architectural, operational and leadership experience, Chris has worked at several Fortune 500 companies with experience in the Financial, Medical, Legal, and Manufacturing verticals, and spent 6 years helping lead the Red Hat Product Security team as their Program Architect.

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David DeSanto

Chief Product Officer, GitLab (General Mem Rep)

David DeSanto is the Chief Product Officer of GitLab Inc., the leading DevSecOps platform. GitLab’s platform enables organizations to plan, code, build, secure, deploy, and monitor software in one application with a unified data model and one interface.

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Declan O’Donovan

VP, Security Architecture, IAM and Application Security, Morgan Stanley

Declan is the VP of Security Architecture, IAM and Application Security at Morgan Stanley.

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Emilio Escobar

Chief Information Security Officer, Datadog

With two decades of experience in Information Security and Compliance, Emilio has worked at large enterprises, medium-sized companies, and governmental organizations. Previously, Emilio served as the VP of Information Security for Hulu, where he played a pivotal role in setting up key security functions. Prior to that, Emilio worked for PlayStation, where he built and ran the software security teams.

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Eric Brewer

VP of Infrastructure & Google Fellow, Google

Eric Brewer is professor emeritus of computer science at the University of California, Berkeley and vice-president of infrastructure at Google. His research interests include operating systems and distributed computing. He is known for formulating the CAP theorem about distributed network applications in the late 1990s.

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Ian Dunbar-Hall

Chief Engineer, Lockheed Martin (General Mem Rep)

Ian holds the position of Chief Engineer for Lockheed Martin Software Factory and specializes in DevSecOps and full stack engineering. He is responsible for technical direction for repeatable development processes and tooling that is leveraged across Lockheed Martin to expedite software delivery.

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Jamie Thomas

GM, Technology Lifecycle Services, and IBM Enterprise Security Executive

Jamie Thomas has a history of setting innovation agendas that provide business solutions to clients worldwide. She has extensive organizational experience with R&D and client support transformation. She currently serves as General Manager, IBM Technology Lifecycle Services and IBM Enterprise Security.

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Jinguo Cui

Executive Director of Open Source Security and Infrastructure, Huawei

Jinguo Cui serves as a leader of open source security and infrastructure strategies and ecosystem development in Huawei. He devotes long-term efforts to the software development, planning and software supply chain security. He is also an executive member of CCF Open Source Development Committee and AII Open Source SIG.

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John Roese

Global Chief Technology Officer Products and Operations, Dell Technologies

John is the Global CTO of Dell Technologies. Previously he was Global CTO DellEMC, Global CTO EMC Corporation, SVP/GM Huawei, Global CTO of Nortel, Enterasys and Cabletron Systems and Broadcom ENG.

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Jonathan Meadows

Head of Cloud Cybersecurity Engineering and Software Supply Chain Security at Citibank

Jonathan has extensive software engineering experience in the financial services industry coupled with an in-depth knowledge of Cybersecurity. He is working closely with other industry leaders in the field of Software Supply Chain Security. He is a keen advocate of DevSecOps culture with heavy use of threat modelling, codified security controls and automated security testing.

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Justin Cappos

Associate Professor, New York University Tandon School of Engineering (SCIR)

Justin Cappos is an associate professor at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering. He has worked in software supply chain for 2 decades and is the creator of the Linux Foundation projects TUF, in-toto, Uptane, SBOMit, and gittuf. Justin's research philosophy focuses on improving real world systems, often by addressing issues that arise in practical deployments.

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Kelly Ann

Cloud Infrastructure Security Engineer, Apple

Kelly leads design and implementation of training, tooling, and processes as a cloud infrastructure security engineer at Apple. She combines decades of work spanning intelligence and investigations, software development, and penetration testing with a passion for empathetic engagement and honest communication to holistically reduce risk across the software development lifecycle.

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Mark Russinovich

Azure CTO and Technical Fellow, Microsoft

Mark Russinovich is Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft Azure, where he oversees the technical strategy and architecture of Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. He is a widely recognized expert in distributed systems, operating system internals, and cybersecurity. He is the author of the Jeff Aiken cyberthriller novels, Zero Day, Trojan Horse, and Rogue Code, and co-author of the Microsoft Press Windows Internals books.

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Mark Ryland

Director, Office of the CISO AWS Security

Mark works for the Chief Information Security Officer of AWS, leading a team of cloud security experts who interface with customers, partners, and internal stakeholders around security in the AWS cloud, and information security more generally.

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Michael Lieberman

Co-Founder & CTO, Kusari (General Mem Rep)

Michael Lieberman is co-founder and CTO of Kusari. His passion is in applying his expertise to use cases where privacy and security are paramount. Mostly recently he has been focused on work within the software supply chain security space. He is also highly committed to open-source, having co-created projects like GUAC and FRSCA, along with having co-lead white papers like the CNCF’s Secure Software Factory Reference Architecture.

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Mike Benjamin

Cyber Chief Technology Officer, Capital One

Mike is the Cyber Chief Technology Officer for Capital One, responsible for setting cyber technology direction through strategic initiatives on new tech and leadership of the cyber product management and architecture teams. Previously Mike held the role of VP Security Research at Fastly where his team focused on researching the latest attack and defensive methodologies in the application security space.

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Mike Hanley

Chief Security Officer, GitHub

Mike is the Chief Security Officer at GitHub.

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Per Beming

VP and Head of Standards & Industry Initiatives, Ericsson

Per Beming is Vice President and Head of Standards & Industry Initiatives based in Stockholm and reporting to Ericsson Group CTO. In this capacity he drives the technology leadership work in Standardization, and industry initiatives, including open source, for the Ericsson Group.

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Rao Lakkakula

JPMorgan Chase

Rao Lakkakula is an Executive Director leading Application and Mobile Security Engineering groups at JPMorgan Chase. His teams focus on enabling developers to securely build their applications. Rao has 20 years of expertise in a unique combination of security, software development, and services experience with roles spanning from strategy, engineering, risk management, and business intelligence in global Fortune 500 companies.

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Rebecca Rumbul

Executive Director & CEO, Rust Foundation (Associate Mem Rep)

Rebecca is the Executive Director and CEO of the Rust Foundation, a global non-profit stewarding the Rust language, supporting maintainers, and ensuring that Rust is safe, secure, and sustainable for the future. She holds a PhD in Politics and Governance, and has worked as a consultant and researcher with governments, parliaments and development agencies all over the world, advocating for openness and transparency, and developing tools to improve digital participation.

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Stephen Augustus

Head of Open Source, Cisco

Stephen is the Head of Open Source at Cisco, working within the Strategy, Incubation, & Applications (SIA) organization. Across the wider LF (Linux Foundation) ecosystem, Stephen has the pleasure of serving as a member of the OpenSSF Governing Board, the Kubernetes Steering Committee, and the TODO Group Steering Committee. Previously, he was one of the Program Chairs for KubeCon / CloudNativeCon, the cloud native community’s flagship conference.

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Vincent Danen

Vice President of Product Security, Red Hat

Vincent Danen is the Vice President of Product Security at Red Hat, which is responsible for security and compliance activities for all Red Hat products and services. Vincent has been involved with open source and software security for over 20 years, leading security teams and participating in open source communities and development.

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