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Download the 2023 OpenSSF Annual Report

OpenSSF Annual Report 2023

Discover the highlights of a dynamic year in the OpenSSF community with our 2023 Annual Report. The Annual Report covers a comprehensive overview featuring messages from OpenSSF leadership, noteworthy achievements by Working Groups and Projects, details about our vibrant community engagement, and the top headlines that captured the essence of our impactful journey throughout the year.

Explore the depth of our collective efforts and many of the exciting milestones that helped shape the open source software security ecosystem in 2023.

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In a tech landscape filled with challenges, OpenSSF gained major momentum in boosting OSS security in 2023. Our key achievements include:

Software Security Education

Security Guides

OSS Security Evaluation

Improved OSS Infrastructure & Tooling

Vulnerability Finding & Reporting

Research & Publications

Public Sector Engagement

Community Building & Outreach

Explore collaboration opportunities! Download the 2023 OpenSSF Annual Report to get a sense for the breadth and depth our achievements throughout the course of the year and our future plans for securing open source software.