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Unveiling the Golden Egg Award Winners: Celebrating Excellence in Open Source Security

By April 15, 2024Blog
Golden Egg Award Winners

Golden Egg Awards

We’re excited to announce the winners of the Golden Egg Awards. These awards shine a light on those who go above and beyond in enriching our community. The Golden Egg Award symbolizes the community’s gratitude for selfless dedication to securing open source projects through community engagement, engineering, innovation, and thoughtful leadership. 

Announcement of Winners

At SOSS Community Day North America (NA) 2024 we’re announcing two Golden Egg Award winners. The Golden Egg Award for Community Engagement is given to a community member who has been nominated by the OpenSSF community and voted on by a group of their peers. We had nine nominations and a panel of judges from the Working Group chairs and Technical Advisory Council (TAC) members who voted to select the award winner from the community’s nominations. More details on the voting process can be found in our previous blog post.

Spotlight on Community Engagement Winner

The winner of the Golden Egg Award for Community Engagement is Christopher “CRob” Robinson! CRob has made continuous impactful contributions as the chair of the Vulnerability Disclosure Working Group and as chair of the Technical Advisory Council (TAC). He has contributed significantly to all the guides that the working group has published and has presented our most recent one at industry conferences, including an upcoming presentation at VulnCon at the end of March 2024. 

The community benefits significantly from his guidance and direction, and CRob is instrumental in ensuring that the community progresses and reaches objectives. His knowledge and expertise is incredibly valuable to the community, and his warm and welcoming demeanor has helped the community grow and mature during his tenure. His dedication to the community extends beyond the OpenSSF and Linux Foundation, and regardless of which group he’s representing, CRob encourages creative ideas, promotes engagement across industry organizations, and advocates for generating worthwhile content for the entire community.

Acknowledging All Nominees

This year’s nominees included Sarah Evans, Dell; Christopher “CRob” Robinson, Intel; Thomas Nyman, Ericsson; Jossef Harush Kadouri, CheckmarX; Eddie Knight, Sonatype; Spencer Schrock, Google; David Wheeler, Linux Foundation; Naveen Srinivasan, Defense Unicorns; and Tracy Ragan, DeployHub. We would like to take a moment to thank each one of our nominees for their amazing contributions to the community.

Special Recognition

We also want to recognize Andres Freund, a partner software engineer at Microsoft and PostgreSQL contributor, developer and committer. Andres is recognized as a Golden Egg, for their outstanding contribution in detecting the XZ vulnerability and promptly notifying the open source community, which averted a potentially disastrous breach in the open source software supply chain.

Andres’s discovery and prompt action in alerting the open source community were pivotal in preventing what could have been a catastrophic breach in our software supply chain. Andres’s technical acumen and tenacity are truly commendable, and they exemplify the values we hold dear within our community. Andres’s efforts have not only safeguarded our cross-industry systems but have also reinforced the importance of vigilance and collaboration in maintaining the integrity of our shared resources.

Join the OpenSSF Community

As we celebrate the remarkable achievements of our Golden Egg Award winners, it’s clear that the strength of our community lies in collaboration and innovation. The Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) is at the heart of securing the open source software (OSS) that our global digital ecosystem relies upon. By joining OpenSSF, you’re not just supporting the development and security of OSS, but also becoming a pivotal part of a community dedicated to sustainable solutions. Join the community today!