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“What’s in the SOSS?” Podcast is Now Live

By April 11, 2024Blog

Today, we’re officially launching the podcast – “What’s in the SOSS?

Get a taste of all the ingredients that make up secure open source software (SOSS) by listening to the podcast. Explore the latest trends at the intersection of AI and security, vulnerability management, and threat assessments. Each episode is packed with valuable insight designed to foster collaboration and promote stronger security practices for the open source software on which we all depend.

In our first podcast – Vincent Danen and the Art of Vulnerability Management, Omkhar Arasaratnam, General Manager of OpenSSF, talks to Vincent Danen, Vice President of Product Security at Red Hat, who is responsible for security and compliance activities across Red Hat’s products and services. He’s also on the Governing Board of the OpenSSF. Vincent has been involved with open source and software security for over 20 years, leading security teams and participating in open source communities and development.

Here are some takeaways from this episode: 

Omkhar and Vincent discuss their experiences with the notorious Heartbleed Bug. Vincent offers valuable advice on vulnerability management and the necessity of trusting reliable vendors. He emphasizes that not every threat requires immediate action and highlighted common pitfalls to avoid in vulnerability management. Additionally, Vincent shares some personal insights during Omkhar’s “rapid-fire” questions and emphasizes the importance of being open-minded for aspiring security professionals.

Join us and check out the podcast here. Stay tuned for future episodes of “What’s in the SOSS?” as we continue to explore the world of secure open source software, bringing you insights from industry leaders and innovators.

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