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OpenSSF Election Results for Technical Advisory Council and Representatives to the Governing Board

By January 4, 2024Blog

We are excited to start 2024 by announcing several key election results. OpenSSF Associate Members and General Members and the Community elected their representatives to the Governing Board and we elected a new and expanded Technical Advisory Council (TAC). 

Election Results: Representatives to the OpenSSF Governing Board

The Governing Board is responsible for the overall management of the OpenSSF, including approving major decisions, managing the budget, and establishing advisory bodies or committees to support the OpenSSF’s mission. It is important to have the voice of everyone, including Associate Members, General Members, and Community Members. We’re pleased to announce our newly elected representatives to the Governing Board.

Associate Member Representative elected by OpenSSF Associate Members: 

  • Rebecca Rumbul, Rust Foundation 

General Member Representatives (up to three) elected by OpenSSF General Members: 

  • David DeSanto, GitLab
  • Ian Dunbar-Hall, Lockheed Martin
  • Michael Lieberman, Kusari

The Security Community Individual Representative (SCIR), a member of the Governing Board elected by contributors to Technical Initiatives, is:

  • Justin Cappos, NYU

Election GB RepOpenSSF Technical Advisory Council

The OpenSSF TAC is responsible for developing OpenSSF’s overall technical vision as well as structuring and facilitating collaboration among its technical initiatives. The OpenSSF held an election among the community, per the terms of the OpenSSF TAC policy. We had an 82% turnout among registered voters. In addition to the community-elected seats, three members were appointed through election by the Governing Board:

The newly elected TAC includes: 

  • Daniel Appelquist – Samsung*
  • Bob Callaway – Google*
  • Sarah Evans – Dell Technologies
  • Michael Lieberman – Kusari*
  • Arnaud J Le Hors – IBM*
  • Marcela Melara – Intel Corporation
  • Christopher “CRob” Robinson – Intel Corporation*
  • Zach Steindler – GitHub*
  • Jautau “Jay” White – Microsoft

*denotes incumbent

The TAC have internally run elections for Chair and Vice-Chair and for the 2024 year, CRob will serve as TAC Chair and Arnaud as Vice-Chair. 

Election Image TACWelcome!

Congratulations to the newly elected representatives to the 2024 OpenSSF Governing Board and Technical Advisory Council (TAC). We look forward to a great year ahead. View the full OpenSSF Governing Board and TAC, including member bios on our website.

Thank you to each of the candidates who ran in the election. We look forward to continuing to work together to secure our open source software ecosystem and support open source users and communities in service of this goal.