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OpenSSF Kicks Off Guest Blog Editorial Review Panel to Amplify Voices in the Security Community

By November 16, 2023Blog
OpenSSF Guest Blog Editorial Review Panel

Open source software (OSS) has grown exponentially in its adoption and usage in recent years, making its security a top priority. The Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) recognizes the need to foster a community that shares knowledge, insights, and best practices to fortify OSS. With this in mind, we’re pleased to introduce the new OpenSSF Guest Blog Editorial Review Panel that will be focused on facilitating our guest blog initiative.

If you are an OpenSSF contributor with insights and expertise about open source security, we invite you to share your thoughts with our community. Here’s what you need to know:

OpenSSF Guest Blog Editorial Review Panel

The Guest Blog Editorial Review Panel aims to:

  • Amplify Diverse Voices: By welcoming guest blogs, we’re seeking to create a platform that champions a range of perspectives from various security experts.
  • Uphold Quality: We take seriously our task to ensure the information we publish is accurate, valuable, and aligns with the ethos of the OpenSSF.
  • Increase Educational Content: Cybersecurity education and learning is essential in improving open source software security across the board. 
  • Encourage Expertise Sharing: Recognizing that knowledge-sharing strengthens the community, we’re creating a hub for experts to contribute and readers to learn.
  • Boost OpenSSF Engagement: We aim to highlight the value of contributing to and collaborating with OpenSSF’s various initiatives and to bring in a wider audience that has yet to hear of OpenSSF and its mission to secure open source software.

The Guest Blog Editorial Review Panel comprises OpenSSF staff and community member volunteers:

  • Carol Hildebrand,
  • Chris Xie, Futurewei
  • Edoardo Dusi,  SparkFabrik
  • Eddie Knight, Sonatype
  • Katherine Druckman, Intel
  • Jennifer Bly, OpenSSF
  • Mark Kember, onebite
  • Trishan de Lanerolle, F5
  • Tracy Ragan, DeployHub

To maintain consistency and quality, the panel operates on four guiding principles:

  • Accuracy: Every piece of information must be accurate. We champion fact-checking and thorough research.
  • Neutrality: While personal insights and perspectives are encouraged, overtly promotional or biased content is discouraged. Let’s maintain a balanced view.
  • Alignment: Content must align with OpenSSF’s objectives, emphasizing open source security and its nuances.
  • Tone and Usefulness: A blog’s tone should be friendly yet authoritative, and the content must provide tangible value to readers.

Ready to Contribute?

If you’re brimming with ideas or insights that you think the open source community will value, please consider submitting a guest blog post. Your expertise can help shape the discourse on open source security and inspire others to get involved.

For more details on guidelines and the submission process, refer to our blog guidelines. We eagerly await your submission! Together, let’s reach more people with the message about the importance and need for secure development practices, one post at a time.