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A wax seal of security for the digital era

Sigstore is a new standard for signing, verifying, and protecting software.

Sigstore enables developers to validate that the software they are using is exactly what it claims to be using cryptographic digital signatures and transparency log technologies. Sigstore offers a suite of technologies that include Cosign for signing software artifacts, the Fulcio certificate authority, the Rekor transparency log, and Gitsign for signing Git commits. These tools can be used independently, or as one single process, for a holistic approach to open source security.

To address open source and software supply chain security, OpenSSF outlined a 10-point mobilization plan. One of those goals is for 50 of the top 200 projects to adopt an interoperable approach to software signing with Sigstore. Learn more

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Recent News

Clarifying Sigstore Terms of Use

Clarifying Sigstore Terms of Use

Mar 30, 2023

The primary activity for The Linux Foundation projects is open collaboration on technical challenges that deliver tangible improvements for developers, companies, industries, and society at large. The focus we’ve always taken is on open source code as a starting point for truly great outcomes that improve the technologies we -…

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Sigstore Announces General Availability at SigstoreCon

Oct 25, 2022

Today at SigstoreCon, the Sigstore community announced the general availability of its free software signing service giving open source communities access to production-grade stable services for artifact signing and verification. Sigstore provides a set of tools designed to improve supply chain security by making it easy to sign, verify and…

SigstoreCon North America

First-Ever SigstoreCon at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2022

Sep 27, 2022

This year SigstoreCon will be hosted for the first time! The one-day event will take place on October 25, in Detroit Michigan, in co-location with KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America. SigstoreCon aims to help accelerate how you secure your software supply chain. The great news is that this is a…

Security Audit Results for sigstore and slf4j

Results of Sigstore and slf4j Security Audits Including 1 High Risk Vulnerability Found and Fixed

Jul 18, 2022

We’re excited to report the results of two security audits, one for Sigstore and one for slf4j. The goal of security audits is to find vulnerabilities so they can be fixed before attackers exploit them, as well as to identify opportunities to harden a project’s implementation and processes to counter…

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