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David Wheeler

Critical Infrastructure Security Summit OpenSSF

Securing Open Source Software is Securing Critical Infrastructure

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Securing critical OSS components and infrastructure is an important part of securing critical infrastructure. When we consider open source critical infrastructure we must keep in mind that not all OSS is equally important, but some OSS (& its supporting infrastructure) are very critical. Several initiatives are underway at the OpenSSF to identify and fill gaps in security practices of the most critical open source software.

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Securing Your Software Supply Chain with Sigstore Course

Free Training Course Teaches How to Secure a Software Supply Chain with Sigstore

By Blog, Sigstore

To make it easier to use Sigstore’s toolkit to its full potential, OpenSSF and Linux Foundation Training & Certification released a free online training course, Securing Your Software Supply Chain with Sigstore (LFS182x), designed with end users of Sigstore tooling in mind: software developers, DevOps engineers, security engineers, software maintainers, etc.

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OpenSSF Makes Secure Software Development Training Available on Organizations’ Learning Management Systems

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The free “Developing Secure Software” (LFD121) online training course is now available through SCORM Connect, so that organizations with their own SCORM-compliant Learning Management Systems (LMSs) can integrate the course into their own LMSs. Making this training that is available for free through Linux Foundation Training & Certification also accessible through LMS’ where students and developers already spend time, is yet another way OpenSSF is helping developers worldwide learn how to develop secure software.

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