The S2C2F SIG is a group working within the OpenSSF’s Supply Chain Integrity Working Group formed to further develop and continuously improve the S2C2F guide which outlines and defines how to securely consume Open Source Software (OSS) dependencies into the developer’s workflow.


OSS has become a critical aspect of any software supply chain. The S2C2F was designed based on known threats (i.e. tactics and techniques) used by adversaries to compromise OSS packages. By leveraging the framework, software development teams and organizations can securely consume OSS dependencies into the developer’s workflow and enhance their OSS governance program to address threats specific to OSS consumption.


The objective for the S2C2F Project is to develop and continuously improve upon a guide that provides the following:

  • A high-level solution-agnostic set of practices
  • A detailed list of requirements
  • A list of real-world supply chain threats specific to OSS, and how our Framework requirements mitigates them
  • A maturity model-based implementation guide, with links to tools from across the industry
  • A process for assessing your organization’s maturity
  • A mapping of the Framework requirements to 6 other supply chain specifications