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Repository Service for TUF

Repository Service for TUF (RSTUF) is a collection of components that provide services for securing content downloads from tampering between the repository and the client (for example, by an on-path attacker).

RSTUF security properties are achieved by implementing The Update Framework (TUF) as a service.

Repository Service for TUF is platform, artifact, language, and process-flow agnostic.

RSTUF simplifies the adoption of TUF by removing the need to design a repository integration — RSTUF encapsulates that design.

Repository Service for TUF (RSTUF) is designed to be integrated with existing content delivery solutions — at the edge or in public/private clouds — alongside current artifact production systems, such as build systems, including; Jenkins, GitHub Actions, GitLab, CircleCI, etc. RSTUF protects downloading, installing, and updating content from arbitrary content repositories, such as a web server, JFrog Artifactory, GitHub packages, etc.