Anand Pashupathy

Intel Corporation

Anand is the General Manager of the Security System Software division at Intel’s Product Assurance and Security group. The charter of this division is to activate and enhance security features in Intel’s HW and to bring innovative security solutions to market that are easy to consume, deploy, and of the highest level of security.

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Christopher Ferris


An IBM Fellow and CTO Open Technology for IBM, Christopher has been involved in the architecture, design, and engineering of distributed systems for most of his 37+ year career in IT and has been actively engaged in open standards and open source development since 1999.

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Dan Lorenc


Dan Lorenc is a Staff Software Engineer at Google, where he’s been working in the PAAS-space for 6 years. He currently manages a team focused on building open source tools to improve the container/Kubernetes developer experience.

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Ian Coldwater

Security Community Individual Representative

Ian Coldwater specializes in hacking and hardening Kubernetes, containers and cloud-native infrastructure. When they're not busy being co-chair of Kubernetes SIG Security, they like to go roller skating, participate in Capture the Flag competitions, and eat a lot of pie. Ian lives in Minneapolis and tweets @IanColdwater.

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Jeffrey Eric Altman

AuriStor, Inc.

Jeffrey has contributed to and led security focused open source projects for more than 35 years including Kermit, MIT Kerberos, Heimdal Kerberos, and OpenAFS.

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Jennifer Fernick

NCC Group

Jennifer Fernick is a computer science researcher, cybersecurity leader, technical advisor, and speaker with deep technical expertise in cryptography, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence. She is currently Head of Research & Engineering at NCC Group, a global information assurance firm, and is a National Security Institute Visiting Technologist Fellow at George Mason University.

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Justin Hutchings


Justin is a Director of Product Management for GitHub's Security team, delivering products to help enterprises and open source developers secure their code. Prior to joining GitHub, he worked at Microsoft on developer experiences for Windows, Azure Identity, and Microsoft Research.

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Kay Williams (Chair)


Kay Williams works in the Open Source Ecosystems group in in the Azure Office of the CTO, where she leads industry initiatives around open source and supply chain security. A 30 year veteran of the software industry, with 17 years at Microsoft and 13 years in the Linux and OSS communities, her background includes leadership roles in business management, technology strategy, product design and engineering.

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Kim Lewandowski


Kim (she/her) is a Product Manager at Google. She served as the Board Chair of the Continuous Delivery Foundation, another entity under the Linux Foundation, during its first year of inception. At Google she has shipped a number of Cloud products and has most recently switched gears to focus on open source security.

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Lech Sandecki


Lech leads product strategy for Ubuntu security at Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu. He has over ten years of experience in product leadership functions delivering innovations across open-source software, consulting, and telecommunication industries. He holds a Masters in Law and Executive MBA degrees.

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Mark J. Cox

Red Hat

Mark J Cox lives in Scotland and is a Distinguished Software Engineer in the Red Hat Open Source Program Office.  He is a founding member of the Apache Software Foundation and current VP Security, a founding member of OpenSSL, and founded and previously ran Product Security for Red Hat.

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Rao Lakkakula

JPMorgan Chase

Rao Lakkakula is an Executive Director leading Application and Mobile Security Engineering groups at JPMorgan Chase. His teams focus on enabling developers to securely build their applications. Rao has 20 years of expertise in a unique combination of security, software development, and services experience with roles spanning from strategy, engineering, risk management, and business intelligence in global Fortune 500 companies.

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Sherif Mansour

Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)

Sherif Mansour is a 16 year veteran of information security; a penetration tester, appsec engineering, vulnerability researcher, and product manager. A member of the OWASP foundation for 12 years, and a global board member for 3 years.

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